Gill Cattle Company offers the following Ranching and Cattle services. Please make your selection for more details, and call us at 817-233-3164 if we can help you with our services.

Management Consultation • Accounting and Bookkeeping • Location of Breeding Stock • Custom Cattle Handling and Processing

Management Consultation

Need advice? Contact us for your questions about the cattle industry and ranching. We can help you make the best decisions for your business based on sound practical experience and industry research.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Let us evaluate your bottom line of your ranch. We will help you find your profits, losses & expenses to evaluate the financial stability of your operation. We can also help calculate break-evens to see if you are meeting your management goals.

Location of Breeding Stock

Looking for a certain special herd bull, or a set of really nice replacement females? Contact us and we can help you find the right breed and type of cattle for you and your location and budget. We will evaluate different breeds and pedigrees to make sure you get the best for your given scenario!

Custom Cattle Handling and Processing

Gill Cattle Company wants to merge the traditions of the past with the necessities of the future. They will put together custom crews that will process your cattle using effective stockmanship skills. The art of bringing calves to the branding fire is fading. Gill Cattle Company will work with you in setting up and conducting a first class calf branding on your ranch. They can provide the people to help you brand your cattle or will train you and your people to carry out the process. Dragging calves when done properly is the least stressful way to process calves. Contact the Gill’s and see what they can help you do. Life is too short to keep getting your fingers caught in a calf table or getting run over and stepped on when mugging calves in a crowd. We will even bring out the Chuck Wagon and help put on calf brandings.

Need More Information?

Please call us at 817-233-3164 if you have any questions. We love to hear from our customers and we will be happy to help you however we can.